To achieve its mission, ICHOOSEITALIA will leverage three strategic assets:



a dedicated and competent TEAM with high growth potential, made up of internal resources, independant consultants who have chosen to partecipate to the development of our business or partnerships with other companies which will enable us to offer our customers more tools and services.




Our METHODOLOGY is based on collaboration. From a technical point of view all of this is made possible by the CLOUD technology, which allows people to always be connected, sharing contents and work tools in real time.

Collaboration, as a method, is part of our DNA, given that IchooseItalia’s expert collaborators all share the same ability to build, feed and nuture relationships with a large number of counterparts and selected partners, carrying different competences.

The best expression of this concept is the network of companies carrying our name, which sees three companies united with the purpose to develop common projects in the tourism sector.




  • the direct sales network in Italy  will be dedicated to companies that will use the IchooseItalia service to sell thair services
  • the indirect sales network worldwide will be dedicated to the final client, in other words the foreign traveller


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