The numerous, active and passionate community of Italian residents abroad and of the Italians in the world has a fundamental role in the development of the ICHOOSEITALIA concept.

According to the recent statistics, Italian residents abroad are about 4 million whilst emigrants of Italian origin along with their descendants are estimated around 80 million. The most numerous communities are the Argentinean, with 20 million Italian-Argentinean (about 50% of the population), Brazil with 25 million Italian-Brazilian (14% of the population) and United States of america with 19 million of Italian-American (6% of the population).

Sometimes our compatriot’s spirit, their values and their emotional bond with their land is even stronger than that of those who live in Italy. Also thanks to them Italian hospitality, the ast of good living and the made in Italy concept are so rooted and characterized.

These compatriots are natural and exceptional ambassadors of our territories beyond the borders of “the boot”. To these pioneers of globalization IchooseItalia looks with attention, great respect and a pinch of nostalgia.They have infact suffered the distance from Italy much more than many of us, enhancing passion and love that should be respected and was once appraised.

For them and with them, IchooseItalia will build an important asset to grow and create widespread value thanks to the tourism resource.

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