How many times have you heard people talking about Italy’s history that has left inestimable art traesures, culture, food and wine traditions and beauty?
Have you ever thought at least once in your life what a waste and lost opportunity it is not to appreciate and promote italy’s treasures?
ICHOOSEITALIA was created to do just this, a true “call to action”, proposing a virtuous and widespread methodology to promote tourism but more importantly to highlight what Italy excels in: culture, art, crafts, food and wine, nature. This will transform a holiday into a true experience. “The way to Italy” is the concept behind our brand, it guides us in being a complex company with a simple idea.



ICHOOSEITALIA presents itself to the market as an Italian torism enabler.

Literally we facilitate and enable, we offer services to companies bringing our know-how and marketing and sales competences developed throughout the years.

Our team of professionals will apply our methodology where requested to make our clients’ commercial processes more efficent and productive.



ICHOOSEITALIA IS a network of companies dedicated to the sector of tourism.

In order to make people choose Italy we need to create a system that incorporates the specific and the best competences. Along with three other companies, company incubator Enne3 in Novara, we have chosen to legally form a network which allows us to enhance the specific competences of each company, thus amplifying the opportunities and optimizing resources.

From the tactical union of Easy Holiday, Noise+, Uniwear and IchooseItalia, the network of IchooseItalia was formed – starting from June 2015, this network will offer a new concept for the reception industry in Italy, developed taking advantage of Easy Holiday technology,Noise+ digital communication and Uniwear IT infrastructure.



Ichooseitalia’s mission is the endorsment of the tourism sector, to increase foreign travellers’ presence.

To ensure that Italy is the destination of choice abroad in the next few quarters we will create an international sales and distribution network, proposing local travel experiences, selected by specialized inbound partners. At the same time we will create a professional commercial network focusing on the PMI (medium/small enterprises) and micro enterprises which we intend to involve in our project.


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