Now as ever before, in a situation of great incertainty generated by the economic crisis, the future of the old economic systems popular after WWII and by the progressive loss of values, it is every country’s duty to bolster and enhance its best resources.

In this context Italy has the great opportunity to develop further what it excels in, its cultural and naturalistic identity offering hospitality to millions of visitors looking for multi-sensorial experiences.

This is the spirit of the entrepreneurial initiative of ICHOOSEITALIA, we intend to expand and widen this initiative to all the Italian and foreign enterprises and professional bodies that share our set of values (values charter).

Expo 2015 is an opportunity, a fundamental lever needed to set in motion a virtuous mechanism focused on and enhancing what Italy is good at: our duty, as the duty of many other entrepreneurial initiatives, is to carry on in this spirit in the years  to come, to create value and widespread opportunities.


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